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    Hi,We are new to strata living and this forum as been immensely helpful in understanding the complexities of strata.

    we have been going through a flooring nightmare, which is going on for almost a year as half and need some guidance please.

    We installed our flooring with approval from the OC .

    my downstairs neighbours started   complaining about noise transfer from our new flooring. We were told to do a acoustic testing and we got a AAAC company to test out floor and and they said that the floor complies with the bylaw and it has a acoustic score of 50( 4star). Our flooring  bylaw is (5 star AAAC or no higher than 50LntwCi ) . Laminate is only in the living room and we have also puts rugs and runners and our bedrooms have carpet.

    we also tested different type of flooring system and underlays of different thickness ( all known brands) and reports suggested 5 star is not easily achievable within our apartment.

    OC wanted to change the flooring bylaw to 5 star rating without involving a acoustic engineer. In the AGM but that was deferred and suggested to involve a acoustic consultant before doing so.

    Now the OC wants to test 5 units including ours.

    We have already tested our floor by a AAAC company and was deemed complaint.. Can they force us to give access to our unit to conduct a another test?

    Any guidance around this would be much appreciated!



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    David Ng

    So, is the neighbour still complaining about the noise?

    If so it would be interesting to hear from other Flatchatters about possible solutions they’ve come across.

    It may be worthwhile to ask for a noise diary and to compare their experience with your actually being in your residence. If there is a difference in times then maybe there is another explanation for where the noise is emanating.

    It has been reported here previously that the residence above has been blamed when the noise came to the affected residence from another residence, e.g. beside or even diagonally opposite.

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