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    I’m a psychologist working in Sydney. Someone I work with owns his home and wants to  move to a flat closer to the city… he dislikes where he lives  but he inherited the home.
    He really wants to move to Newtown or Erskenville or somewhere like that – this would enable him to be his truer self, he feels. But he’s also one of the most anxious people I’ve ever met, and dealing with all of the ins and outs of buying and selling terrifies him.
    So I was just wondering if you’re aware of any services that specialise in helping people with mental health issues and/or disabilities with moving accomodation, dealing with the various steps of the process, buying/selling, guiding them through it, etc.
    Money is an issue as he’s on DSP, so if there are any government initiatives or charities that help – that’d be ideal, otherwise the less expense the better, obviously.
    I’ve heard you on James Valentine and you just popped into my head, so thought I’d ask. But I recognise that this question might be outside your usual scope. Just thought I’d give it a go in any case.

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    Hi, Perhaps try one of those firms that advertise they do moving from start to finish.

    Flame Tree (Qld)

    Hiya, considering the real stress of buying and selling for most, and moreso for your friend, I wonder is only renting in the newer area and leasing out the current property (which would pay for the new rent) might be a more palatable first small step? If it works well he would be already settled in the newer area and then look to sell the original house and then buy in his new, or another area. Wish him well with it all, and good for you for asking for him.

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