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      There are three main ways to get your questions asked and answered on this Forum.

      The most direct is to register with the website, (if you haven’t already done so) using a real email address or you will never get the password. You can and should choose a nickname or username that protects your identity.

      Then log in, then chose a sub-forum – such as common property, or pets, or parking – that most closely relates to your topic, and post it directly to the forum.

      You’ll find the full list of sub-forums on the Forum Home page.  Scroll down, click on the sub-forum you want to join, then click on “create new topic” and off you go.

      Alternatively, you can look at the list of “Your latest questions and answers” and respond to one of the posts there.

      If all that is a bit befuddling, send us an email to mail@flatchat.com.au with your username if you have one, and we can post the question for you, anonymously, of course.

      If you aren’t registered, we can register for you – this is important as it means you can “subscribe” to the topic or topics and you will automatically get an email alert whenever there’s a response. This take a bit of time so you’re not going to get online as quickly as if you did it yourself.

      If you don’t want to do any of the above, you can ask us to post your question as an anonymous “Mailbox” item, but you won’t get automatic response alerts that way so you might miss out of answers to your questions unless you check regularly.

      We try to keep the Forum as open as possible but we have to have some basic ground rules to keep everyone’s anonymity secure (and save ourselves and you from legal actions).

      So please don’t use your real name or email address as your “nickname” (which is different from your username with which you log in).  If you do, we will change it, possibly to something mildly embarrassing, depending on our mood.

      Please don’t use the names of neighbours, strata professionals or too much detail about your block, again for reasons of anonymity.  If you say you live in a block of X number of units built in such and such a year in a certain suburb, it’s pretty easy for your annoying neighbour or slack building manager to say “Hey, that’s me!” just before they call their lawyer or worse.

      Please don’t ask the same question in multiple sub-forums.  That is more likely to get you zero responses than faster answers (because I will delete all the posts).

      And don’t log in with multiple usernames to pretend you are several people as I have a nasty habit of bouncing miscreants off the website permanently.

      Any questions?

      Remember:  To post a question, register (just the once) log in (every time) find the sub-forum where you want to post and click on “create new topic” and hit reply.

      If you want to respond to an existing post, log in open the thread and click on the reply button.

      The Forum is organised with the original question at the top and the subsequent responses, most recent first, in order therafter. So, to follow a long thread from the beginning, you need to go to the end and work your way up.

      If you want to ask a question about how this Forum works, by all means do it here.

      But if you have a question about how your strata scheme works, please follow the above instructions and ask it in the appropriate forum.

      The opinions offered in these Forum posts and replies are not intended to be taken as legal advice. Readers with serious issues should consult experienced strata lawyers.
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