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    For more than 10 years one of our 11 units in Melbourne has been left vacant and is now in total disrepair and is currently unfit for occupation anyway

    the owner refuses to do any maintenance inside or out, or pay fees, or sell up, he has been unwell apparently for the past 20 years although he is well enough to fight us in vcat or court!

    we take him to VCAT annually to make him pay his back fees, which he does eventually but is still always 12 months behind

    Today as I look out my window I can see into the first floor stairwell of his unit and there is a tree growing inside emanating from the rotten timber ground floor

    i have tried not to get upset about this owner over the years for my own mental health, but surely there is some law somewhere that our OC can use to make him fix his property? It can’t be healthy for the units each side of him and the place is an eyesore from our common property

    any suggestions?

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    Have a look at the registered strata plan. You’ll find his space doesn’t extend below the floor. So the tree’s roots are in common property and might damage pipes, wires or foundations. That’s grounds to get a VCAT order for the tree to be removed.

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