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      My unit in a 60 unit strata has ducted air conditioning installed wholly internally under a special bye-law approved by the owners’ corporation ~10 years ago.  Did the approval of the bye-law automatically include the A/C in the building insurance, since it is a fixture?

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        It’s accepted by all strata insurers that ” if you turn the building upside down, anything that does not fall out is a fixture ” and hence is covered in the strata insurance policy. It’s just one of those strata things.

        So some people will say ” that’s not fair, I’m paying insurance premiums for someone’s  installation”

        It’s actually specified in section 163, 3(a).





          I am Victoria. I had an issue with my OC. My tenant broke the shower base and water leaked down the stairs. The OC sent a plumber and all the costs where not covered by insurance. They said shower base is not part of the building. So my landlord insurance said it’s the OC insurance cover that but they did not. So I had to pay all costs as the Oc started put arrears every month. What is your thoughts?


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