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    We are in a complex in NSW. Our balcony sits above the garage of another owner. There has been water ingress into the garage below (no water issues for us above), a floor flood test done and a determination that the slab needs re-waterproofing. Our balcony is paved. The OC has agreed to (i) remove the pavers and (ii) waterproof the concrete slab.

    My question is whether the OC is responsible for the cost of also re-laying the pavers. I cannot understand why we should be out of pocket to re-lay the pavers  as a result of a strata issue. Thank you.

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    Hi – as a newbie to this site, I’m not sure how it long it takes for someone to respond. Can anyone shed some light on my question please? Thanks so much. Apologies if I have posted this in the wrong section.


    Apologies for the delay – sometimes I hold off answering questions myself to give other Forum users the chance to respond.  Obviously, I forgot to check and see if that had occurred.

    It’s an established principle in strata that if the owners corp damages lot property while repairing common property, it has to pay for the repair to the property it damaged.

    And it has to reinstate the lot property to at least the condition it was in before.  There should be no quibbling about this and if they drag their feet, call Fair Trading or initiate a request for mediation prior to taking action at NCAT.

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