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    Huyton Huntly

    Last AGM I submitted a motion, including reasons, to have the gardeners clean up a certain small section of common property. I gave this motion to the Strata Manager two months prior to the AGM. However, when the agenda for this AGM was posted out, there, scheduled before we got to my motion, was another motion from the Strata Committee giving reasons NOT to clean up the area. This was accepted by the owners, thus nullifying my motion. I asked the Strata Manager which motion was first submitted to him chronologically, and he said he didn’t remember. I found this hard to believe. One owner, sympathetic to me, said by the time we got to my motion, it was a non-event.

    To me, this is morally wrong. Do I have a case to argue, or do I suffer in silence?


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    Tell them you think there’s a bit of asbestos in there.. maybe that will urge them into action?


    Take them to Fair Trading  for mediation over Section 106 of the Act which requires the Owners Corp to maintain and repair common property.  They can only decide not to do that by a special resolution and provided that it doesn’t detract from the appearance of the scheme.

    If nothing else it will show them that they can be too clever for their own good when they start manipulating agendas.

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    Huyton Huntly

    Thanks a lot. I appreciate your advice.


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