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    I have signed a nine month lease in NSW…

    Paint smell is strong . Real estate agent said it was painted 6 weeks ago. Paint Odor can linger for ages.

    I’ve only been here for one day, and paint Odors of this house are impacting my health .

    in NSW I red that tenants can leave and break lease if they pay 4wks rent compensation if they are less than 25% into there lease? Is this NSW residential tenancy act section  true?  and you can live without giving a reason as long as within 25% of lease time and you pay 4weeks compensation to landlord.

    want advice urgently

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    Yes, according to this Tenants Union Fact Sheet, you can pay four weeks rent for breaking a lease after less than 25% of its term has expired.

    The detail on the 25% rule is at the bottom but read the fact sheet thoroughly as it may offer other options or flag other conditions that may be relevant, and it explains the procedures that you must follow to activate this clause.

    Flame Tree (Qld)

    I’d be first bringing the issue to your property manager saying you appreciate the new paint but have found it too over-powering. They would likely be unaware. Ask them can they offer a way to rectify it as you are finding it un-liveable at this stage and may need to bail. I’m sure they’d find it easier to address it than lose you probably thinking the next guy will say the same thing if it isn’t addressed. I’d also look online for any easy do-it-yourself remedy that you can do, even if you need pay for it. You’d gain knowledge as to how long it may last at least, and I guess you might also call a painter and just ask them their advice. And don’t be overly precious about it all as being a new location for you as you will get used to many things in short time.

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