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      For several there has been very noticeable and somewhat disturbing noise generated from the bathroom above, mostly plumbing related. I can hear the toilet when it is flushed, usually proceeded by a loud bang then the clear sound of water, and water running in the pipes overhead when they are using the sink or shower. I can also very clearly hear these noises from both of my bedrooms. By this I mean that in both my bedrooms it sounds like I am standing in her bathroom when they are using the facilities. The pipework penetrates the concrete slab above before running through a false ceiling and into a down pipe (Common for both toilet, shower and basin) which is surrounded by tiles on chipboard in my bathroom.

      I emailed the strata manager about it, however he said there was little that they could do due to the pandemic. He has since visited and listened and said that the lagging around the pipes is likely damaged. Thats the last I have heard if the matter. Before I approach him again I would like to ask Is mitigating this noise the responsibility of the OC? as I believe the pipework is common property

      This has been an issue since  when the roof leaked around the plumbing vent above the bathroom of the lot above damaging the surrounds of the plumbing stack and leaking into the stack in my bathroom.

      The noise wakes me around 5am and the bang when the toilet is flushed can startle when I am working from home in the spare room. It would be nice to get it addressed finally.

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      David Ng

        Sounds like it’s water hammer.

        It will either be easy or incredibly hard to fix.

        Probably the first step is getting a plumber to examine the pipes and determining if there are any defects in the pipes that need repairing. Then installing a water hammer arrestor.

        If that works, all good. If not, then the hunt begins for the cause and solution begins. That can be expensive and take a long time.


        As to who is responsible, I’m sure someone more familiar with strata law will provide the answer.

        Flame Tree (Qld)

          I think you might find what is acceptable, how to check if what your complaint is, and what can correct it, if you contact your own state’s Master Plumber’s Assn. What they say will be the go, not what any committee favoring other may say. It’s a point of potential embarrassment for the offending Lot so if annoying you worth the fight to get it addressed.


            Just to be clear, this is an owners corporation responsibility until such times as they can prove it isn’t.  Threaten them with actions at NCAT or, even better, start a mediation process at Fair Trading with a view to taking them to the tribunal if it is unresolved.

            The opinions offered in these Forum posts and replies are not intended to be taken as legal advice. Readers with serious issues should consult experienced strata lawyers.
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