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    I am currently renting in NSW ( apartment block ) since I moved in 15 months ago I always had my pot plants against the building wall. Never had an issue with the agent – had two inspections and no complaints re the pot plants.
    Few days ago I received an email stating I need to move them as they become a trip hazzard.  I haven’t changed nor move any of the plants. It’s unclear to me why this happened. I made an appeal but I got turn down.

    my question is how do u identify a trip hazzard if there’s nothing that will cause by it?

    hope your all keeping safe

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    Why not attach a photo so we can see for ourselves where the pot plants are?


    “Trip hazard” may be a term that comes from a fire safety inspection.  In such cases, it’s not so much that the pots present a risk of people literally tripping over them, but that they could be intruding into the safe walking space.

    If it’s a narrow laneway, the strata committee may have a point as dimensions are calulated on the space required for people to navigate in an emergency.

    If it’s a wide area, then less so.

    There are some committees that will err excessively on the side of caution in these matters.

    Others will just take their fire safety reposrts as gospel, expecially if it might affect the building insurance.


    It’s not just fire. As a general consideration items on common property access areas may be a trip hazard, and if someone did trip/fall and injure themselves the OC could be liable for any injuries, because the items are on common property. Usually you would assess the risk on a case by case basis. For example in our building there is an apartment near the back door with a narrow walkway, and we have told them they are not to put plants and other items in that area.


    Thank you for all your wisdom.

    I have tried to upload a photo but the file is too big.

    Will try it again tonight

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