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      I provided documents showing original start of our village where it was described as a comprehensive complex with serviced apartments that included common property of a laundry.

      My case was dismissed as it did not include washing machines in the description.

      This gave the right for the Council to install washing machines we have to pay to use.

      Our U/E are disproportional and reflect additional asset value where no additional assets are to be found this I believe are fees to cover the washing machines.  Does a laundry have to have a washing machine.

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        Further to my query I am in WA if the laundry doesn’t  include washing machines the gym may not include apparatus treadmill etc or the games room no pool table this could allow them to put a fee on their use.


          Would it make any difference if the pay-per-use machines were already there? Common use laundries are fairly rare these days.  All laundries use water and electricity – should that be provided free to owners who don’t have washing machines in their units?

          It’s up to the owners collectively to decide what they want in their laundry and, indeed, their gym. And I think the ruling you referred to is correct in that, since the original specifications didn’t state that the laundry would have washing machines installed for the free use of owners, then there is no requirement to do so.

          This is an odd one.  Previous complaints about common property laundries have been about owners putting their own machines in but using common property electricity and water.  This is usually resolved by installing coin-op machines.

          The advantage of that is that internal laundries can be used for much-needed storage, for instance.

          You may find that all it takes for a laundry to be referred to as such is the provision of water, electricity, drainage and a waterproof floor.

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            Reasons why I believe the S.A.T. Magistrate was wrong in her determination.

            I provided documentation showing that I bought a Serviced apartment in a Comprehensive village which included a laundry as common property. Her view was it did not include washing machines in the document.

            The Strata did not have any documentation showing that they had the right to put a fee on the supplying and use of washing machines.

            This leaves it open in future for them to charge a fee for other features in the village, to claim that the gym does not include equipment, the poolroom does not include pool tables, the library does not include books and even the swimming pool does not include water all totally ridiculous.

            We in the Lodge 59 units out of 169 total units have added asset value of around 20% on our fees.

            No one knows what these added assets are I believe they are included in our fees for use of washing machines.

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