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    My OC have requested to remove magnesite from my apartment, after I advised them I have it. They are paying for the costs to remove. The Bylaw states that they must do this in a reasonable timeframe. So far it’s been 6 weeks and nothing happening. What can I do? What would be classed reasonable?

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    As with so many things in strata, the word “reasonable” is not defined.  However, Section 232(2) provides something of a guide in that it says if you haven’t received an answer from your owners corp to a request for action within two months, then they have effectively said “no”.

    How does this apply in this case? It’s an indication of what might be considered reasonable.  In the meantime, you can ask what steps have been taken.

    If the strata committee or strata manager haven’t contacted contractors and asked for quotes for the work, then it’s “reasonable” to assume they have done nothing and you might want to consider initiating mediation at Fair Trading with a view to taking further action at NCAT if need be.

    Flame Tree (Qld)

    To be reasonable you need to have reasons. They don’t need to make sense but they need be offered. A simple Yes, or No, doesn’t give depth to your thought or a chance to respond, understand or counter. You see business proposals assessed as fair and reasonable, or unfair but reasonable all the time. Both need reasons to suggest or establish such.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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