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    Hi!  I have a question and I’m not sure if this is a common issue.  We live on a sub divided block which was established as a SP in the 1990s in Hornsby council.  Our block (front) is a freestanding house and there is a duplex behind us on the rear block.  Our block is approx 500sqm.  Land is zoned as R2.

    From a strata perspective, the owners manage everything – there’s not strata fees or sinking fund or overarching strata management.  It’s really just a sub-division.

    I want to put a pool in on our block – we have a courtyard at the rear which is dying for a makeover – approx 71sqm.

    Does anyone know if this pool can be approved by CDC or if it would require a full DA?

    Thanks in advance!

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    According to this government fact sheet, swimming pools can be complying developments, meaning they can be fast-tracked provided a certifier has signed off on the plans.

    However, since your sub-division is technically a strata scheme, you may need to get a surveyor to work out if there is any common property involved.  If there is, you will need to register a by-law taking responsibility for the elements of common property that are affected by the pool.

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