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      I am wondering what would be a normal relationship between the strata manager and building manager?  We have only been able to afford to employ a part-time building manager fairly recently and are very happy with their performance so far.  Now we have a new strata manager (same company) who does not have any interaction with our BM.  Not so much as a phone call to introduce themselves, no contact in preparing the SC agenda or minutes and they direct all questions about maintenance issues to the committee rather than the BM.  Is this usual?  Our previous SM seemed to have much more contact with the BM.

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        When I acquired my storage lot, I had never had to deal with a building manager. It took me a while to work out what they did and what the strata manager did.

        Perhaps the new SM is in the same boat as me

        Rather than hope things get better, convene a meeting with the SM, BM and committee and work out who does what.

        There can be little or no overlap of the functions of the SM and BM depending on the contracts and how you want things run


          You might find the strata manager’s company also offers building manager services and they are trying to freeze the incumbent out.  Just make it clear that you expect the strata manager to work with the building manager as part of their duties.

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