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      Neighbours above installed new floorboards about 12 months ago. They asked for permission for a renovation which was agreed by all owners (except me) as I wanted to see plans. No one else did and they went ahead.

      Now I can hear every footstep above. My unit it company title in Victoria and I’d love to know if I can request an acoustic certificate – though I don’t trust them not to supply a dodgy one from a friend as they are in the building industry.

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        My unit [is] company title in Victoria

        Check your company documents (by-laws, rules, whatever) to see if there is anything about excessive noise.  You probably don’t need an acoustic certificate – just evidence of noise penetration which you can get from stat decs from visitors or recordings using the Snooper software.
        But be warned, as a company title this probably doesn’t come under strata law in Vic. It’s company law in NSW which is a whole other legal minefield.

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          Bad luck that you live in a Company Title apartment! If you are on the Board of Directors, convene a meeting to air your grievances. Putting carpet or rugs down may be a resolution. If you are not on the Board make representations to the managing agent or Chairman to convene a meeting on your behalf to mediate an agreeable outcome.


            It is indeed a trifecta.  In my case I had to find the Memorandum of Association.  51 pages but as an image – so in the process of getting it typed out.
            The name of the Act you need to look at is:
            Company Titles(Home Units) Act 2013.  No. 19 of 2013 (not sure what that refers to), Authorised Version incorporating amendment as at 1 December 2014


            Also if you have a Contract of Appointment – the SM “takes direction from the Chairperson” – so not sure where that leaves you.




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