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      Hi, a unit has not connected the bathroom waste water to the main waste collector pipes outside their unit, so the water is flowing out over the balcony and onto the stairs. The owner has been asked to fix it but so far it is still happening. The owner did say something about a plumber saying it was ‘illegal’ to connect to the main pipe.. Yet all other units have done exactly that. Who do we need to speak to to get the owner to fix it? is it a health department issue or someone else?

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        Sounds like a bodgy reno. Tell them to get it fixed by a certain date (like seven days) or you’ll get orders from NCAT to go in, forcibly if need be, and have plumbers hired by the owners corp fix it at the unit owner’s expense, plus the expense of any legal action required.  Meanwhile you will also alert the health department of your local council as this is a risk to the health of other residents.

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