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      Hi, so there is a common walk-way used by about 8 or more people daily and it has a 60×60 cm broken concrete that is creating a dip and it is loose due to sand erosion under it. (not in NSW)

      I’ve highlighted it a number of times due to potential injury to members of public ( common walkway) and how we could be liable for injury.. however the other COO members will not respond to confirm they want it fixed (just me so far, 2 others reply to other things but will not respond to this one).. and the SM replied to me saying they don’t think it should be done and if it is to be done to combine it with something else.. as to what i have no idea.. but im concerned a $200-300 concrete fix is being ignored like this. I would approach the other CoO members but it is  likely to get no response. It has happened on a number of other small fixes that i had ot keep requesting to be done, i think they are just getting tired? i dont know.

      Should i ask the SM what other repair they want to combine it with? if they dont respond then what? this fix should be out of general maintenance but seems they want to pay for it out of sinking funds.

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