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    VIC Tier 2 residential strata manager required?

    The Secretary of our Owners Corporation Committee has asked this question; looking for advice from FlatChat:

    In Victoria, it is no longer a legal requirement for a Tier 2 residential block to have a strata manager.  When drafting the legislation, did the legislators have in mind another model for the management of Tier 2 apartment blocks?  If so, what was that model?  In your opinion, what would work best for a Tier 2 apartment block?

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    First of all, the five-tier system for strata schemes in Victoria is explained HERE. Just click on the link and the factsheet should download to your device.

    To answer the question, for a tier 2 scheme (51 to 100 units) a strata managing agent is not a legal requirement but it might be a good idea.

    The fact that you are asking that question suggests to me that your scheme might benefit from a little guidance.

    As to a “model” if your scheme has a lot of issues and squabbles between neighbours, then you should seek out a contract that is all inclusive with a one-off payment for all services.

    If your scheme is settled, you might take a less expensive contract that allows for charges on the basis of work done above and beyond normal duties.

    (from Victoria)

    Thank you Mr T.

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