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      a friends husband died last month. They are in a two lot scheme, she wanted to check that he had set them up on the hub. I tried to get in and it says that I should contact the secretary. As he was scattered at sea from a hang glider last weekend, that is a bit hard. Is there anything that I can do without having to spend a day ploughing through menus on the no service NSW “help” line?


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        Having been an executor twice in my life, I can sympathise with you.

        Many instituitions don’t recognise that people die. It makes it extremely hard for the successors to then transact business on behalf of the deceased.

        All I can advise you to do is obtain a copy of the death certificate and a copy of the probate . You’ll probably need both as originals and attested to as originals . With these you can approach the instituitions to have the executor added to the persons able to transact.

        It’s not likely that anyone but the executor can be added as a transactor, but once thats done the executor can then transfer that right to someone else.

        I wasted many hours navigating this path with many instituitions.


        Flame Tree (Qld)

          I’d suggest that you look to legislation where it says, in Qld at least, that if he misses two committee meetings in a row without apology sought or given he’s instsntly disqualified from holding the position. That would then allow you to replace him without notice. It’s hardly likely anyone would question anything, certainly not him.

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