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    Am in SC/EC. Trying to do the right thing by everyone. This wet season in NSW is coinciding with lots of owners asking the committee to investigate cause of mould.

    We (the OC) have been paying for the initial investigations, but I’m just now wondering if this is really the OCs responsibility.  Especially when mould in this wet season would just be from the seasons rather than “actual” issues.

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    I’d be interested to know myself.

    I  the owner, just paid for an engineers report raised by the strata manager  even though water ingress was found on an outside common property wall. The water affecting the wall & paint bubbling. As there was no ingress internally  I had to pay the bill. Around $1800.


    Send the OC a bill and then take it to the Small Claims Court when they refuse to pay.  Ther’e no way you should be paying on your own for OC work.


    An owner in our building has had a mould issue for two years, kept contacting the strata but the majority of the committee at the time, refused to have the strata pay for anything. An inspection was done by a company who recommended ventilation bricks at a cost of $1200. The committee still refused.

    Now with all this year’s rain, the mould has gone into the apartment downstairs. The original apartment has the mould floor to ceiling and has to move out because it’s a health hazard.

    A new quote has been done, a cavity search is needed, ($3000) and to fix the mould, it could cost up to $30,000. We can’t claim it on insurance as it wasn’t acted upon when first reported two years ago.

    If there is mould reported in your building, take immediate action!  Don’t delay as you could be facing similar costs.

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