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      Clarification please:

      each 2 lots that share a common wall, have a shared meter box on common property
      each unit my have their fuse box in this meter box or internal to their unit- it is not uniform with each lot through out the complex
      There is a common property meter box and fuse box at at different common property location – for lights etc.
      There is not meter box room as per the example in the ‘who’s responsibility is it’ guide


      1x unit blow a fuse (currently determining why)- they had an electrician attend and they advised the unit’s fuse box needs an upgrade (chasing this up and will get a comparison quote and info as well).
      No other lots are affected, the lots power is restored and functioning normally)


      if the fuse box needs upgrading due to the lots high power usage (possibly by the installation of aircon’s by owner- as per by laws) and no other reason who’s responsibility is it to fund the upgrade?
      Is it OC purely due to the location of the fuse box? even if there is nothing wrong with the fuse box- it’s just overloaded from the lots usage?
      Can OC have all fuse boxes moved internal to units to make that uniform across all lots? some unti already have this set up

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      Sir Humphrey

        As a general rule (everywhere, I think, certainly in the ACT), a utility ‘conduit’ that services only one unit is the responsibility of that unit for repair and maintenance, even where it is located on common property.


          Sir Humphrey is on the money.

          In a NSW strata I am involved in a few years ago the OC got an alleged “special price” from a contractor to upgrade individual lots’ fuse boxes. Each lot had its own fuse box. Nobody was forced to upgrade and nobody was forced to use the OC’s so-called “preferred contractor”. But it was made clear that any upgrade will be for the lot owner’s account.


            A few questions here to unpack.

            If the cause of the blown fuse is an overload, and it’s persistent, it would be the responsibility of the lot owner to pay for the upgrade. Particularly in older buildings, there were fewer appliances in the home, so the wiring was designed to carry less power. ( this applies whether the fuse box in the lot or on common property). An electrician can do a maximum demand calculation very quickly and tell you whether the wiring is overloaded.

            You talk of fuses. This suggests an older building that is not using circuit breakers. It would be beneficial for all the fuse boxes to be upgraded. Since you indicate the fuse boxes are on common property, it would be an OC expense. The benefit is that an owner can reset a circuit breaker without the need for an electrician.

            To move some of the fuse box into lot space would require an exclusive use by law. That requires the consent of any affected owner. Some may not agree to this transfer of custody.


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              Sir Humphery (and community), are there any documents etc that would outline that information?



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              Flame Tree (Qld)

                Commem, this might be details in your by-laws? Peruse these I’d suggest.



                  Try this link


                  generally it needs to be voted and added as a bylaw, but I have used it in situations where opinions differ

                  Your biggest challenge will be winning the opinion battle. Everyone has an opinion, but there is only one right. As you know, that does not always prevail if the negatives are the loudest.

                  It depends how far you are prepared to take this issue. If someone does not back down, then NCAT could be a possibility (though thats a last resort)

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