Cripes on a bike – how’s this for a storage solution?


Bicycle at 53 Helen StLook, we know storage is an issue in apartment blocks and we applaud innovative ideas … but this bike on a balcony takes the biscuit.

Not sure which by-law this breaches – we’re guessing several.

Parking on common property? Leaving unsightly goods that can be seen from outside the lot. Is there one about endangering passers-by who may be at risk from falling personal transportation?

No? Maybe there should be. The most worrying thing about this is that, at first glance it seems to be it seems to be hanging from a single hook.

Which is bad enough … until you realise it mBicycle cr2ay be only its pedal and crank that are keeping it in place.

A triumph of faith over common sense, this is clearly not so much a cry for help as a sign that this building badly needs a secure bicycle park.

Thanks to Murray Cameron of our sponsors Strata Real Estate Services for sending us this pic of a property in Lane Cove.



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