Forum is working … after a ‘Lost Weekend’


The Flat Chat Forum reno has taken place … kind of  … almost. The reason it all looks exactly the same as before is becasue it is.

At first, the planned update had gone better than I thought but there are some responses to questions missing (which is why I wanted to update it in the first place) and, despite all my best efforts, they won’t show up.

So we’ve gone back to the previous platform (BBpress) and will now spend some serious cash (thank you, sponsors!)  on getting the people at Simple:Press to install it for us. Simple Press has been upgraded and relaunched since we last used it, and it is a slicker and much easier to use platform … once it’s working, that is.  Fingers crossed!

So it’s back to square one, for now. But please email me on if you are having trouble loggin on and posting – It’s the only way I’ll find out I need to fix things.

And if you find a post or reply missing, please feel free to resubmit it.

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