Forum: Sneaky secretary swapped EGM motions


Strata chairs and secretaries can get very sneaky when it comes to manipulating votes.  One FlatChatter discovered this when he proposed some expenditure on physical security for an Extraordinary General Meeting in his apartment block.

The secretary, who didn’t want to spend the money, held the meeting but the agenda didn’t have the motions our Flatchatter had proposed.

Instead, they had all been form positives to negatives and counter motions had been included.  So, instead of a motion such as (I’m guessing, here) “let’s spend $500 on motion activated security lights” the motion appeared as something like “we resolve not to waste strata funds on unnecessary lighting.”

As I said, I made those examples up, that that was the general gist.  Unsurprisingly, the biased “spend nothing” motions prevailed and the security measures were defeated.

Now, does this mean the whole EGM was invalid, our reader asks. And if so, what can he do?  You can read about it HERE.

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