Forum roundup: Parking, pets and puffing


It seems the new strata laws can’t come soon enough for the Flat Chat faithful.

Our readers have been champing at the bit this week, wanting to know when the new regulations are coming in and what they might mean.

Typically, parking and pets are at the top of the agenda.  Here’s a selection of the hot topics keeping everyone informed (and entertained) on the Flat Chat Forum.

  • Can we change common property into extra parking spaces? If so, how do we allocate them? That’s HERE.
  • On the subject of parking, can we put lockable bollards on visitor’s parking spaces to prevent residents parking there? A two-year-old discussion gets another spin. That’s HERE
  • Can we stop a resident parking his boat in his parking space then putting his car in visitor’s parking? That’s HERE.
  • Can we insist on pets only being allowed in units with gardens?  That’s HERE.
  • A popular neighbour is a chain-smoking nuisance. Are there any new regulations on smoking? That’s HERE.
  • What if a rental agent doesn’t report a problem and delays make it worse? Who pays? That’s HERE

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