Focus on defects and disasters, pocket $100


Want to add to academics’ collective knowledge about living in strata and all the  … um .. challenges it presents, and score a couple of $50 vouchers for doing so?

The latest newsletter from our friends at the Owners Corporation Network (OCN) carries three calls for input from apartment owners and residents, two of which bring real spendable rewards if you are selected to take part.

Problems pictured

Deakin University is examining the impact of building defects on the health and wellbeing of apartment residents and researchers want residents of apartment buildings affected by defects, either in their own apartments or communal areas, to participate in a unique photography-based project.

The idea is that, once you have signed up for the project, you will be asked to take three to five photographs that reflect your experience of living in an apartment complex affected by defects.

You will then be interviewed (via Zoom) about your photographs by a member of the research team. The interview should be no longer than an hour, after which you will receive a $50 supermarket voucher.

You will remain anonymous during and after the process and you can withdraw your participation at any time before defore you contribution is analysed (about two weeks after the interview).

You’ll find an easy to understand explanation of the project, plus a consent form, HERE. If you have any questions about the project, contact Fiona Andrews – 

Disaster planning

The University of NSW wants to hear from people who live or work in an area affected by bushfires, floods or extreme weather about their experiences with the power supply through these events.

Your participation in the Energy Sustainability through Knowledge and Information Exchange and Sharing (ESKIES) study, will help improve understanding of how solar, batteries and other power sources can be used to keep phones charged and lights and appliances running through extreme events.

Participants will receive a $50 gift voucher. You’ll find more details about the program and instructions on how to participate HERE.

Faulty towers

Are you an apartment owner affected by building defects? Or are you a professional in a construction company, an industry body, or a local council with knowledge of construction faults in NSW apartment buildings?

Summarised study findings will be made available to participants on request. If you are interested in participating, or have any questions, please contact the Co-Investigator, Tasneem Husain, on

If so, Macquarie University would like to interview you to better understand the impacts of faulty construction, who is held responsible, and how and what type and quality of information is being provided.

Your experiences and opinions will provide valuable insights for their research on accountability in the construction industry. Based on their interviews, the research team aims to propose improvements to the reporting, governance and/or laws that protect owners and residents where faults are found.

 Interviews would take approximately 45-60 minutes. They can be conducted via Skype/Zoom, phone, or in person. You will remain anonymous, with your name, experiences, and opinions entirely confidential.

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    Want to add to academics’ collective knowledge about living in strata and all the  … um .. challenges it presents, and score a couple of $50 vouc
    [See the full post at: Focus on defects and disasters, pocket $100]

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