From the Forum: no-reply neighbours delay renos, costing owners a fortune


What do you do when you are paying rent while your unit awaits renovation but your neighbours won’t even respond to communications, let alone hold the meeting required to pass the by-laws you need to do the work.

One Flatchatter has bought into an older building where other flats have previously been renovated or refurbished.

They’ve submitted their paperwork, plans, architect and engineer reports and paid a lawyer to draw up a by-law.

So far they have had only one response from the five other owners in the block, despite the strata manager issuing two reminders.

Now they’ve been told that unless they get at least one more response, they can’t do anything until the next AGM, next year.  Meanwhile they are paying rent on temporary accommodation.

Is it true, as their strata manager and Fair Trading say, that all they can do is wait?  Fair Trading, sheesh! The chocolate teapot strikes again. We take a different tack HERE.

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