Forum: Newlyweds’ dream shattered by shonk


There’s a sad tale from Victoria on the website this week, concerning a newly-wed couple who put their hopes, dreams and First Homeowners grant into a two-bed flat in Prahran.

Sadly for them, the developer was either utterly incompetent or a complete shonk.  Either way, their flat is uninhabitable because the bathroom is seriously defective and it will cost up to $50k to fix it.

Meanwhile the developer has gone into receivership and phoenixed into another company, building another block of units.

There is no warranty insurance on the work and the builder has also gone bust, owed more than $1m by the shonk.  This is a perfect example of why Victoria’s strata laws need radical reform.

Could this happen in NSW?  Yes, probably.  Would the developer get away with it? I very much doubt if the new block would avoid the kind of forensic scrutiny that would put them out of business.  You can read the full story HERE and respond to it HERE.

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