Forum: Would you let an American staffy in?


We have all become used to the idea that you can’t ban all pets or even all dogs from your strata block, but can you ban them selectively? The theory is that you might be able to – but has that ever been tested?

One Flatchatter’s committee has received a retrospective application from owners who have moved an American Staffy (or Amstaff) into their flat.  Now, isn’t that one of those dangerous fighting dogs?

Well, yes and no.  According to pet insurance firm Bow Wow Meow (really, that’s its name) Amstaffs are closely related to the American Pit Bull Terrier and were popularly chosen for use as fighting dogs until the sport was banned early last century.

“Thereafter the Amstaff was developed to better suit a family environment and it was highly sought after by those wanting a dog with courage and tenacity to guard loved ones and property,” says the pet insurer.

“The breed’s aggression has largely been removed and the American Staffy has since proven to be a loving and gentle companion.”

Now, would that convince you to allow one in your block? And could you stop one getting in if you wanted to? Join the dogged discussion HERE.

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