Forum: Ctte member gets paid for ‘strata training’


In these days when conspiracy theories can almost lead to the overthrow of the “greatest democracy in the world” we have to be careful not to fuel the fires of suspicion and rumour.

After all, isn’t one of our golden rules “never ascribe to malice anything that can just as easily be explained by stupidity”?

But then you get a situation like the one described by Flatchatter TrulEconcerned.  He’s been struggling to get more detailed financial records from the strata managers, at their AGM, to explain spending.

After much delay and some discussion (about what, is a mystery – owners are entitled to see all owners corp records) the full financials were handed over.

There, tucked in among levies, lift maintenance and insurances, was a payment to a committee member for “continuing education” in strata matters.

The more cynical among you might think this was a sneaky way to pay the committee member concerned for the work that they do on the committee – something that can otherwise only be permitted retrospectively and via a vote of all owners at an AGM.

All we can say is that if this continuing education was of any use at all, it would have taught the committee member that what they were doing was possibly illegal and certainly has a strong whiff of dodginess about it.

You can follow the paper trail HERE.

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