From the Forum – Ratings sites for blocks, managers and agents


There’s an idea that‘s been floating around for a while now, that we should have a ratings website for good and bad apartment blocks and/or strata managers and rental agents.

It’s an intriguing thought and there’s a thread discussing that on the forum.

We have also been approached by two different websites that are trying to get something like that going.

Wouldn’t it be great if, when you were looking to buy or rent a new apartment, you could go on to a Tripadvisor or Yelp style website and read comments, reviews and ratings from previous residents.

But then the obvious potential problems arise?  What if someone gave a viciously negative review just because they wanted revenge for something that had been done to them?

What if someone sued over a bad review?  Are you protected by laws of free speech, fair comment and public interest? How do all the other review sites get away with it?

All of that is discussed on the Forum, where our “no names, no packdrill” policy sidesteps the issue neatly and, so far (fingers crossed), effectively.

Meanwhile, another raft of quirky questions and clever comments has landed at the Flat Chat Forum, with Flatchatters as eager as ever to unload and unpack them.

  • How do you remove rogue members of a dysfunctional strata committee?  That’s HERE.
  • Can a committee go completely digital for meetings, but still keep owners connected and informed?.  That’s HERE.
  • Is there an action group for owners in Victoria?  Yes there is … but not the one that posted on the Forum six years ago.  That’s HERE.
  • Are abseiling window cleaners allowed to leave all their gear on my balcony?  That’s HERE.
  • Can we save money on insurance premiums by dealing directly with the insurer? That’s HERE.
  • What can a committee do when an owner wants their balcony tiles replaced just because everyone else had theirs done due to necessary repairs? That’s HERE.

All this and more of the Flat Chat Forum, where anonymity is the name of the game, and information and advice are the result.


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