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shutterstock_385507234The Flatchat faithful have been wrestling with a variety of topics on your behalf in the past week. As ever, there is a range of opinions; some rock solid, some wishful thinking and a couple just totally nuts …

Kids on Common Property: Some people think kids playing outside on driveways is good – at least they’re not stuck in front of screens.  Other say we should enforce by-laws that forbid children from playing on common property, if only to keep them safe from traffic.  You can read both points of view HERE.

Contracts and Builders: Should you be comfortable with a contractor who refuses to sign a Fair Trading approved contract?  That’s HERE.

Personal Liability: Strata committee members could invalidate insurance and even be personally liable if they knowingly ignore maintenance issues and someone is hurt or property is damaged.  That’s HERE and HERE.

Who pays:  When concrete cancer appears under a timber floor, who pays to replace the flooring after the concrete slab has been repaired? That’s HERE.

Privacy and the strata roll: The law says absentee owners of a lot must provide a mailing address.  But can they just give the address of a rental agent and is the agent obliged to pass on letter or even give th actual address of the owner?  That’s HERE.

Flat Chat Live:  Finally, just a reminder that I will be doing two sessions of Flat Chat live at the SCA-NSW Owners Day on April 30th.  One will be about the new laws.  The other will be about how to make complaints.  You can bet your bottom dollar that somewhere in there I will find a place to discuss Airbnb, pets, parking and proxy farming.  There are more details HERE and you can send your questions for discussion to

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