Flat Chat Wrap #29 – the great Mascot Tower giveaway … and what it means about cladding

Confronted by images of residents of Mascot Tower evacuating the building, the NSW government has moved relatively swiftlly to plug the accommodation gap with a loan to the Owners Corporation to cover the cost of emergency billets for the owners and renters.

As JimmyT and Sue Williams discuss in this week’s podcast, the state government’s loan may never have to be paid back, because they think they know what (and who) caused the structural damage and it’s eminently possible it wasn’t building defects.

And even if it does turn out to be defects – and the block is well out of warranties – the loan may never have to be paid back “at the government’s discretion.”

Meanwhile we ask, if you can find money to rehouse evacuees (quite rightly), what about all the people facing massive bills to remediate flammable cladding which is only on buildings, risking life and limb, because of the slack attitudes of a procession of governments in this state.

You’re happy to take our stamp duty – how about offering us some protections?  That’s all in this week’s podcast … and more.

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