Quiz: How well do you know your strata facts?


Want to know the definition of an easy quiz question?  I might leave the answer till later.

Meanwhile our good friend Brent Clark, from Wattblock, the company that saves strata schemes tens of thousands of dollars off their energy bills, has concocted a cornucopia of strata conundrums and you can have a go.

Brent featured in last week’s Flat Chat Wrap podcast in a story about how he built a strata community using WhatsApp. 

Now he has sent us a link to a devilishly clever quiz to confound the most confident strata know-alls (like yours truly).

Brent tells me that so far no one has achieved more than 14 out of 20, and that includes some heavy-hitting strata professionals.

I got 12 but I’m putting that down to some of the answers being so obvious that I assumed they were trick questions (my standard response to any quizzes I get wrong, anywhere).

Anyway, have go.  It’s hard and it’s a slightly controversial, a bit racy and might even be mildly defamatory.  But it’s all about strata.

Oh, and the definition of an easy quiz question?  One to which you know the answer.

If that was too obvious, try the Wattblock Game of Strata quiz HERE. You will be confounded.

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    This is now being discussed in the Flat Chat Forum

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