Forum: At wits’ end with nasty neighbour campaign


There’s a smorgasbord of strata strife in this week’s forum but the story that stands out for me is the tenant who’s being targeted by a couple of owners who clearly want her, her partner and their kids out of the building.

She admits that she hasn’t always been the perfect neighbour but has tried to mend her ways when there have been issues.

But the campaign has been relentless, including defamatory letters to her landlord and all the other owners in her block.  What can she do to get the pot-stirrers in the apartment block to leave her alone?  That’s HERE.

Elsewhere in the Forum:

  • What do you do when your strata committee refuses to go to mediation over plans to remove trees?  That’s HERE.
  • How hard is it to register a dog as a support animal?  Harder than you think.  That’s HERE.
  • Can I force the owners corp to move the noisy hot water system away from my window? That’s HERE.
  • Local council staffer dupes owners corp into approving renovation that goes seriously wrong.  That’s HERE.
  • Can elderly lady with disabled sticker force us to let her park her car where it blocks the driveway?  That’s HERE.
  • The strata manager tail is wagging the owners corp dog.  That’s HERE.

Believe it or not, there are even more fresh questions and answers in this week’s Forum. Get into it now while you can.

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  1. Judy Thomas says:

    How does one remove a committee member who does nothing but upset people to the point that no one will serve on the committee.. We have our agm coming up but not a face to face meeting.
    Need help.

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