Podcast 79 – bad pads, fams and James Valentine


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It’s a bumper edition of the Flat Chat Wrap this week, boosted by an extract from JimmyT’s guest spot on James Valentine’s Afternoons on ABC radio.

But first Jimmy and Sue revisit the worst apartments they have ever seen, inspired by stories of the block in Auburn, Sydney, that prompted Building Commissioner David Chandler to seek and get the most comprehensive changes to building and planning laws the state has seen for generations.

But for Jimmy and Sue, it all brings back memories of apartments with full-sized bars where the kitchen used to be, the special “disabled” apartment couldn’t let wheelchairs through its doors and the air con system that blew the smoke from one flat into the next.

James Valentine

Then we get a taste of Jimmy’s guest spot on James Valentine’s Afternoons (you can hear the whole Monday June 22 session here). 

Among the topics discussed were Jimmy’s PodCom (podcast sitcom), voting for and against pets in company title, how much you should pay for building into your roof space, how much detail there should be in your strata committee minutes, mystery maintenance payments and the right to object to an air-con unit over your terrace.

Plants and pants

Later, Sue and Jimmy tackle the issue of what you might find when you buy into a block where the majority of owners are members of the same family.

And then this week’s Hey Martha’s are pets and plants in the office, and pants with elasticated waistbands.

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