Forum: When the wrong thing is the right choice


There’s a post in the Forum this week which perfectly encapsulates the quandary that often comes up in strata between doing the right thing and just getting things done.

In this particular scheme, a member of the committee has been using visitor parking for their own purposes.  Yes, we know that’s wrong – it’s effectively theft of a common property asset.

How serious a theft? How much would an owner charge to rent a spare space to another resident? 

The amount this resident is saving is just the baseline.  Then there’s the removal of an asset for residents’ visitors and a probable breach of the DA under which the building was approved.

And there’s the message it sends oyher owners when a committee member is flouting the bylaws

Tell them to stop doing it or face a Notice to Comply warning and possible fine, would be the answer… except the scheme needs their support in raising the funds for some significant upgrades.

It’s a clear case where doing the right thing could have the wrong outcome for everyone. But then, can you allow anyone to hold the greater good hostage for a personal gain.  What would you do? Give us your 10 cents worth HERE.

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      There’s a post in the Forum this week which perfectly encapsulates the quandary that often comes up in strata between doing the right thing and just g
      [See the full post at: Forum: When the wrong thing is the right choice]

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