Fun and occasional fury as our podcast hits 100 eps


We’ve scored a century! This week sees us post the 100th episode of the Flat Chat Wrap – and that’s only counting properly produced and distributed episodes.

We would have held a giant dance party to celebrate but, hey, what with Covid-19 and social distancing and all, we might limit it to a chocolate croissant with our morning coffee.

Now, before we go any further with the self-congratulation, this week’s podcast, available here, is mostly about how you can turn an inaccessible old walk-up apartment block into a level-entry “gem”.

And we hear from Karen Stiles of the Owners Corporation Network about plans for a new register of apartment blocks, including their main contact details. Hmmm.  All you secret, anonymous, uncontactable chairs and secretaries take note.

But getting back to our 100 episodes, it’s interesting to note how much the pod has changed.  The major  developments have been the addition of Sue Williams to the regular pod crew, and the inclusion of weekly guests.

Their topics have ranged from interior design to exterior paint jobs, and bathroom renovations to building defects.  We have one coming up next week on pets that animal lovers and haters alike won’t want to miss.

The pod has gradually grown longer, musical “stings” have been added and the audience has expanded too. 

This website says that if your podcast episodes get more than 123 listens in the first month of release, you are in the top 50 percent of world podcasts – something we achieve easily.

But we could always use more listeners, so please tell your friends.

And we’ve made mistakes along the way.  Just last week we talked about build-to-rent apartments for the second week in a row, and watched podders drift off in alarming numbers. Message received, loud and clear.

And then there was the time I was riding my bike in Centennial Park, listening to the pod just to check it was all OK, and realised I hadn’t deleted some of the re-records and extra bits from the end.

The upside is I did one of my fastest circuits ever as I raced back home to recut and re-post the offending episode.

Somewhere in the midst of all this we produced a podcom – a podcast sitcom – called Hyperbole Towers which, as of today has been downloaded 679 times.  Big thanks to City of Sydney for providing most of the money for that venture, and to our friend Todd McKenney for playing the uncredited Ted McKonney, just for the fun of it.

If you missed it, the online player is at the end of this article

Among other changes,  we recently started providing a transcript. Those readers who don’t listen to podcasts seem to appreciate it (which is just as well because it can be a nightmare to produce).

In case you were wondering, the podcast is recorded in our back bedroom (aka my office) every Sunday afternoon, when outside traffic noise is down, using a Blue Yeti microphone, Audacity free audio editing software, Zoom online calls for interviews, a folding table with a yoga mat on it to cut down the echo, and an online transcription service called, supplemented by the skills of a freelance editor, for the text version.

When you put it all together, it’s quite an operation, but it’s OK once you get into a rhythm and we enjoy it. Hope you do too. 

Here’s to the next 100. And here, in case you missed it, is the pilot episode of Hyperbole Towers.

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    If you want to start a discussion or ask a question about this, log into the Flat Chat Forum (using the link above). More people will read it there and you can more easily keep track of responses.

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