Podcast: The joys of apartment living (no … really!)


A while ago I received a complaint from a reader that I had used the phrase “the very best in apartment living”.

‘Very best”, she argued, implied that there was something good about living in a flat, and since this was clearly a stupid and perverse idea, I was being dishonest.

Now, I have to admit that, running a website that sets out to solve people’s problem does have a fairly negative beginning: no problems, no website.

Most of the people who come here, or read the Flat Chat column in the Financial Review, do so because they have questions, doubts or concerns.

That said, I suspect there are people who live in houses who read Flat Chat so they can feel better about their choice of dwelling: “Martha, the roof’s caved in after last night’s storm, but at least we don’t have to pay levies!’

But even coming up with positive solutions has to start with someone, somewhere being disappointed, confused or angry (or all three) about something.

With all that negativity around, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that I actually like living in an apartment.  In fact, I love it and wouldn’t live in a house in the city for quids.

So when I heard that my regular strata sparring partner Sue Williams was writing a feature for Domain about why she loves apartment living, it was too good an opportunity to refuse.

“Come and tell us what’s so good about it,” I said. So she did and that’s this week’s podcast. Enjoy.


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    This is now being discussed in the Flat Chat Forum

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