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You could never accuse strata lawyer Amanda Farmer of standing still for too long.

On top of being a very active and successful strata lawyer, she’s a founder of Women In Strata, and hosts the Your Strata Property podcasts and the popular Happy Hour live online chats.

Now she’s going global with what she says is the world’s first online “summit” for strata owners.

“Never before (in modern times) have so many people spent so much time at home,” she says on her website promoting the event. “We’ve seen a global shift to working from home, some people are restricted by law to staying at home, while some of us have simply retreated for safety, security and comfort.

“This rapid change has raised questions you’ve never had to ask before about the spaces you share with others, and the people you’re asking don’t always have the answers.

“Amidst this dramatic change, the usual problems have been amplified: people are making noise at all hours,  renovating on a whim, overflowing the bins, complaining to the strata manager and challenging the committee members while some aren’t paying their levies.

“Meanwhile, you’re trying to understand each other and connect through the unfamiliar medium of virtual meetings.”

In response to this challenge, Amanda has curated the Shared Space Summit in which nine of the world’s leading experts in apartment living will meet virtually over four days in mid September.

Topics will include:

  • What it means to build a “trust bank” and why strata committees need one.
  • How to ensure the right buyers are lining up for an apartment in your building, not the one down the street.
  • The essential legislative reform that you missed earlier this year, and what else is on the horizon.
  • How COVID has changed the nature of strata management – across the world – for the better.
  • How to prepare your home for a more sustainable future, even if there’s no money in the capital works fund.

And there will be more.  You can book a free ticket to this online event, from  September 15 to 18, HERE.

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    If you want to start a discussion or ask a question about this, log into the Flat Chat Forum (using the link above). More people will read it there and you can more easily keep track of responses.

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