Tenants with pets – UNWS wants YOU!

Hot on the paws of our apartment living great Dane story comes news of a world first survey of pets in rented properties.

We love a statistic – did you know 20 percent of pets in rented homes are kept against the rules – so we are delighted researchers want 1,000 Sydney pet owners who have rented in the past 10 years to take their online survey.

Dr Emma Power, Lecturer in Geography and Urban Studies at the University of Western Sydney, says  that while restrictions on pet ownership in rented properties are likely to hit lower income households hardest, middle and higher income households are also having to choose between their home and their pets.

“We know that owning a pet can make it very difficult to find rental accommodation but the reasons and impacts of this have not been researched until now,” says Dr Power, who adds that tenants tend to move home more than owners and pet ownership makes it all so much harder.

“We want to explore the impacts that restrictions on pet keeping in rental and strata properties have on the individual and the community.”

To read all about the survey and find a link to it, go HERE.

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