From the Forum – timber floor trials and tribulations


We’ve always been staunch advocates of taking rogue flooring installers all the way to the Tribunal when they flout by-laws and common decency just so they can lay down their preferred choice of flooring.

But as one Flatchatter warns this week, if you are up against a determined owner with deep pockets and a sense of entitlement to match, be prepared to spend a lot of money and waste a lot of sleepless nights enforcing your by-laws.

How much money?  $40,000 might just about do it. That’s HERE.

Elsewhere in the Forum, do you need to future-proof your TV cables?  That’s HERE.

Are committee members allowed to act alone, as if they had the full authority of the committee?  That’s HERE.

What can I do about water from adjoining lots’ storm water pipes flooding my garage?  That’s HERE.

As ever, by the time you read this there will be more questions and answers in the Flat Chat Forum.

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