You called her what!?! Top pet names of 2021


It’s that time of year again when Pet Insurance Australia announces the top trending pet names of 2021. With some classic favourites and some great new names making this year’s list. 

“We simply love to see what people like to call their pets,” Nadia Crighton from Pet Insurance Australia says. “With the recent boom in pet adoptions and purchases over the Covid period it’s really interesting to see what names are currently trending across Australia.” 

Many of the traditional favourites have topped the list again with Luna and Daisy, but with a few fresh ones making the list including Kik, Winston, and Mochi. 

“Choosing a name for your pet is normally a very in-depth process for many Australians,” Crighton says. “Every year we get to see some great fresh names appearing alongside some classic choices like Charlie and Teddy.” 

Top Tips for Choosing Pet Names 

  • Does the name carry well when you call it out? 
  • Consider two-syllable names that are easier to hear for our pets. 
  • Have a few names ready and see which one your pet best suits. 
  • Chose a name that will suit your pet as they age. 

“Taking the time to find the perfect name for your pet is always best advised,” Nadia says. “And also considering will this name suit my dog when they are a 45kg dog? Choosing a good solid name that you will love as your pet changes from a cute puppy or kitten is always recommended.” 

Dogs – Female 

  1. Luna 
  2. Daisy 
  3. Bella 
  4. Coco 
  5. Molly 
  6. Ruby 
  7. Frankie 
  8. Lola 
  9. Willow 
  10. Nala 
  11. Millie 
  12. Rosie 
  13. Bonnie 
  14. Poppy 
  15. Maggie 

Dogs – Male 

  1. Archie 
  2. Milo 
  3. Teddy 
  4. Charlie 
  5. Alfie 
  6. Leo 
  7. Ollie 
  8. Buddy 
  9. Max 
  10. Loki 
  11. Winston 
  12. Arlo 
  13. Bailey 
  14. Bear 
  15. Murphy 

Cats – female 

  1. Luna 
  2. Coco 
  3. Bella 
  4. Nala 
  5. Mia 
  6. Willow 
  7. Lola 
  8. Lucy 
  9. Lily 
  10. Misty 
  11. Daisy 
  12. Mochi 
  13. Ivy 
  14. Kiki 
  15. Rosie 

Male cats 

  1. Simba 
  2. Leo 
  3. Loki 
  4. Milo 
  5. Charlie 
  6. Ollie 
  7. Louis 
  8. Winston 
  9. Mochi 
  10. Oreo 
  11. Max 
  12. Oscar 
  13. Archie 
  14. Zeus 
  15. Oliver 


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