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      Recently settled on an older unit. The bathrooms are very dated and we want to refurbish.

      We understand the process and will fully comply with the strata requirements and know we need the body corporate approval before commencement of works

      We want to start asap. The issue is that the strata manager seems fluid as to when a meeting when will be organised and it may not be for another couple of months.

      Any thoughts as to approach to the Strata Manger to accelerate the approval. Can we ask that they do it by Circulation  rather than waiting for a formal meeting.

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        Yes you can. If the renovations are straightforward and you have all the information they need, including any by-law etc., it shouldn’t be an issue.

        So ask the Strata Manager if they can do it by written resolution.



          Yes, @scotlandx is right. But your strata committee secretary can call an extraordinary general meeting at any time. You need to introduce yourself to the secretary, and find out if they are amenable to speeding up your renovation approval. Because your renovation involves altering the bathroom water-proofing, it would be classed as a “major renovation”, which is a “special resolution” that requires a majority of owners present at the meeting to support it, while not more than a quarter object.
          If the strata manager or strata committee is unresponsive, then you can request a general meeting yourself, provided you get at least a quarter of the owners in the building to back you.
          So this is a good time to meet the owners in the building, and get them on your side. Obtain a copy of the strata roll from the strata manager, to get the contact details of the other owners, if you need to go to these extremes…


            If you want to call an EGM just for your reno, you might offer to pay the costs of organising and holding it.

            The opinions offered in these Forum posts and replies are not intended to be taken as legal advice. Readers with serious issues should consult experienced strata lawyers.
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