Trainee strata managers’ deadlines extended


Assistant real estate and strata managers in NSW have been given an extra three months to keep working while they register for professional qualifications so they can maintain their registrations and avoid dropping out of the industry.

And 14,000 assistant agents will get another 12 months to continue working while they complete their training.

This will ensure that ensuring residential tenants and landlords continue to receive vital property management services, says NSW Customer Services.  Otherwise, the state could be facing the prospect of thousands of assistant agents being forced to leave the industry at a time when demand is high and growing rapidly.

The extension is part of the Strata Commissioner’s medium-term aim to make the strata management and real estate industries more professional and accountable.

The extension comes only weeks before thousands of assistant strata managers and real estate agents faced the prospect of either quitting work or being liable for fines of up to $11,000 for working while uncertified, according to NSW Customer Services.

“A large number of assistant real estate agents could be faced with being forced to exit the industry they have worked hard to gain qualifications for,” said NSW Strata and Property Services Commissioner, John Minns.

“We remain absolutely committed to uplifting the professional standards of NSW property agents through qualifications, licensing and continuing professional development.

“This extension legislated by the NSW Government will give the industry the certainty it needs to keep assistant agents in work while they complete their licensing obligations.

“It will also ensure vital property management services for millions of NSW tenants and their landlords continue to be delivered and the speed bump created by the transition of the large group of agents from March 2020 can be navigated smoothly.

“We are offering this one-off certificate extension to keep assistant agent working and prevent disruption in the industry, while maintaining the professional pathway that sees all assistant agents fully qualified and licensed within four years”.

In March 2020, more than 22,000 assistant agents in real estate and strata management were placed on four-year certificates which are due to expire on March 22, this year. They can now apply for a one-off extension from 1 March 2024 – 22 June 2024.

To apply for the extension, agents must be enrolled in either Certificate IV in Real Estate Practice (CPP41419) or Certificate IV in Strata Community Management (CPP40516 or CPP40521).

In NSW, assistant agents need a certificate of registration to start work. These are entry level positions to gain the experience and training required to apply for a class 2 agent’s licence.

Previously, assistant agents could not renew their certificates and would have to wait 12 months before re-applying for a new certificate. Assistant agents who fail to meet the deadline and continue to work without a certificate could face on the spot fines of $1,100 from NSW Fair Trading or court- issued fines of up to $11,000.

Licensees in charge and employers who oversee and manage assistant agents should help them to upskill before their certificates expire or apply for the 12-month extension. If they are caught employing someone without this registration, they could face the same maximum penalty of $11,000.

Agents are also warned against cutting corners or considering short cuts to complete training by 22 March 2024, says NSW Customer Services.

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      Assistant real estate and strata managers in NSW have been given an extra three months to keep working while they register for professional qualificat
      [See the full post at: Trainee strata managers’ deadlines extended]

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      Flame Tree (Qld)

        This might be a real hassle for strata managers affected, and they are sure to pass on these costs for initial training, and ideally the requirement for on-going professional development, as do other legitimate professions.

        But cest la vie, as there are just too many folks in this industry without qualification and too many owners affected by what they do, or not do, or who they do it for. I’m sure most folks assume strata managers need to be trained to a proper industry- standard but it’s just not the case.

        The NSW govt has rightly identified the industry-wide level of training has been insufficient, and only good can come from having all owners served by better trained strata managers, whom have such a degree of influence over owner’s investments.

        This should be an Australia wide standard requirement.

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