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The first ever apartment dispute I heard about when I started down this endless river of words about 20 years ago concerned two “captains of industry” who shared a lift lobby but disagreed on how its carpet should be vacuumed.

One wanted it hoovered with the pile standing up, the other with the pile lying down.  Because this was a company title, the dispute could not be settled buy a mere tribunal.

So off they went to the Supreme Court with their expensive lawyers and I think a compromise of alternating weeks, flat and standing, was reached.  The phrase more money than sense springs to mind.

I was reminded of that story this week by a discussion that isn’t a really dispute at all.  The owners on the top floor of a small block want to replace the badly worn, marked and damaged lift lobby carpet at their own expense.

The rest of the block’s carpet replacement hasn’t been budgeted to happen for another two years. The top-floor people don’t want to pay their share of the whole building being recarpeted, but strata law says all common property costs have to be charged according to unit entitlements.

There’s a solution out there somewhere, maybe it’s been swept under the carpet (ouch!).  Have your say HERE.

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      The first ever apartment dispute I heard about when I started down this endless river of words about 20 years ago concerned two “captains of industry”
      [See the full post at: Forum: Frenemies wrestle over new carpet]

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