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Here are some links I use fairly often for various reasons … If any of these are broken or don’t exist any more, please let us know on mail@flatchat.com.au/

Owners Corporation Network (OCN) is the peak apartment owners’ body for Australia. Growing in size and influence.

Fair Trading strata section – the part of the bit of the NSW Government that looks after apartments, units and townhouses. This is where you’ll find information such as their Strata Living handbook.

The Fair Trading website is handy for the general overview but for specifics, you may have to look elsewhere.  However, they finally have easily accessible PROXY FORMS – proxy votes have to be on specific forms, not a scribbled note on the back of a cigarette packet – NOTICE TO COMPLY forms and application forms for MEDIATION – the essential first step in an complaints procedure through Fair Trading and then the CTTT.  Just download the forms, print them off and fill them in and post them – easy as that.

By now, if you don’t have a pdf reader to read all the stuff posted on these links, you will want one. The original and probably the best is from Adobe and it’s free.

Specialist strata lawyers include our sponsors Sachs, Gerace & BroomeStephen GoddardColin GraceBannermans. and David Le Page among others.

Strata managers Strata Choice have been the major sponsors of this website from day one and they also manage the building I live in … say no more!

If you want good, basic answers to straight strata questions, the StrataMan website is a good place to start.


If you want to know more about me there’s my own website where I write about all the other things I do.

And there’s another one dedicated to the Tunnel Rats books and now tours of Vietnam that I do with my good friend Sandy MacGregor

Last and definitely not least, Sue Williams – my co-writer, partner, editor, muse and both staunchest supporter and fiercest critic.

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