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Strata never sleeps - some questions never die

This week we want to feature what can only be described as a “zombie post” – first sent in 2016 – but no less relevant for that, as a reply this week proves.

The original post asked if their strata scheme was wasting their time and money by conducting a “compliance audit”.

What’s that?  We’re guessing it would be someone with a level of expertise looking at strata law and your by-laws, as well as your committee and strata scheme decisions (or lack thereof) to see if your scheme was compliant.

It’s a valid concern.  A lot of schemes, if not the majority, just stumble along from one mini-crisis to the next, dealing with problems as and when they occur and not really looking at other issues that might arise.

You could have by-laws that are out of date (pets, anyone?) or no longer be compliant with strata law.

For instance, if one of your accounts has borrowed from the other, have you had the general meeting to decide how and when it will be repaid, which the new strata laws have required since December?

And what if someone in the block gets their nose out of joint over a single issue and, when they don’t get what they are looking for, starts unpicking the knitting.

Next thing you know, they’re putting together a case for the appointment of a compulsory strata manager.  That said, that may not be the end of the world that it once was.

You can read the zombie post and the recent responses, HERE.

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