Forum: Do food deliveries offer milk boxes new life?


Here’s a blast from the past – or is it just case of waiting long enough and a fashion will come round again?

Anyone who has lived in or visited a very old apartment block may have come across milk boxes – or package receivers, to give them their proper names – in the walls adjoining stairwells or lift lobbies.

These were from the good old days when milk (and bread, newspapers and even meat) were delivered directly to your home.  The milk box meant they could be delivered, usually early in the morning, and kept safe and cool until you opened the door on the inside and retrieved them.

Time moves on, and new generations move in and wonder what these strange little “wall safes” are for (especially since they seem to open to the outside too).

Meanwhile some of these old buildings become stratafied and the milk and bread deliveries have long ceased.

Because the milk boxes are built into the external wall of the apartments, they are the responsibility of the owners corp which means they must be looked after even though they serve no useful purpose.

Inevitably, as happened to one Flatchatter, the owners corp decided it would be cheaper in the long run just to block them permanently.  A fairly compelling argument would be that they presented a fire risk, less convincing is that they compromise security.

But wait a minute.  Did we say in the “old days” when food was delivered?

Wouldn’t these be perfect for taking food deliveries from Uber Eats or Menu Log or whatever, so that you didn’t have to encounter a delivery person who may have been travelling from one covid hot spot to the next.

Sadly, we don’t know what’s happening with our Flatchatter’s milk box because they asked the question then wandered off without providing any more info.

But we think if they wanted to fight this, they could just say it’s an anti-covid safety measure and dare the committee to press on with their plans to remove it.

You can read more HERE.

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