From the Forum: Why a balcony garden reminds us of a penthouse mountain


There’s a question on the Forum this week that has brought back memories of a story from a few years ago when a man in China decided to build a mountain and a cave on top of his apartment block.

The mountain built on top of an apartment block in Beijing

You can read that story and view a video here and, while it’s not quite on the same scale, the concerns from the Flatchatter living below a balcony that’s overloaded with huge planters are just as real.

Apparently, the committee member upstairs over-waters the plants and now the balcony is leaking and the walls are cracking but the committee can’t or won’t do anything.

Demands for access have been refused with the owner citing safe distancing requirement under coronavirus as an excuse for not allowing inspections of the balcony.  You can read that post and responses HERE.

Here’s this week’s bumper crop.

  • Can my committee stop me from reading a report about my flooded floor?  That’s HERE.
  • My strata committee says their meetings are “informal” so minutes are not required.  Can that be right?  That’s HERE.
  • Our building manager said my puppy would be OK but now his boss says I might not get permission.  Can they force me to take it away? That’s HERE.
  • How do we get back money for repairs that were wrongly charged to the owners corp rather than the lot owner?  That’s HERE.
  • Why should we contribute towards the costs of a car stacker when we don’t have a parking slot?  That’s HERE.

The other big news on the Forum this week concerns the Forum itself.  We have finally worked out a way of displaying the responses to your questions with the most recent answers first.

The way it works is, the original question is displayed at the top of the page, then the answers are displayed in reverse order.


Because a discussion about an issue often involves some back and forth before someone nails the answer.  Displaying them the old way, you had to scroll through a stack of posts, sometimes even several pages, to get to the end.

Even worse, if the discussion had been going on for several days or weeks, you’d be trawling through old posts you’d already read to get to the fresh ones.

Anyway, we’ve been trying to do this for months, literally, and finally found the right snippet of software to make it happen.

Often, whenever we change anything on the website, there’s a chance that something goes wrong somewhere else. If you are having any problems registering, logging in or asking or answering questions, please email and we’ll do our best to identify and fix the problem.

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